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One in Every Five Patients Receives a "Distinctly Different" Diagnosis

Experts don't always get it right the first time.

88% of patients seeking a medical second opinion return with a new or refined diagnosis.

Mayo Clinic, 2017


Even when they do, you deserve complete confidence in our health decisions.


You get one life - it doesn't mean you only get one opinion.

Why Choose Us?

Strength in Experience
Proven history of experience reading for patients worldwide, for every conceivable medical issue, and dedicated to delivering highest quality study results.
100% American Trained
Each radiology expert on our team is based in the USA. We read your cases within 24 hours, and utilize state of the art technology to secure your privacy and data.
Subspecialized Expertise
Trained at America's finest medical institutions with residency and fellowship training in all key areas, including Body Imaging, Neuro, MSK, and Mammography.

How it works

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I get a second opinion?
Securing a second opinion offers more than a general quality check. It's valuable to seek different perspectives - after all some doctors diagnose aggressively, others more conservatively. No one doctor gets it right all the time. Thinking through your options is important.
Can you read my kind of image?
Chances are we absolutely can. We deliver general and sub specialized imaging reports, incl. MRI, X-Ray, Ultrasound, CT, and NM. Areas include sports injury, oncology, workplace injury, nuerologic and orthopedic.
Why choose MetisMD?
Trained at America's finest medical institutions, each expert on our team is based in the USA. We read your cases within 24 hours, offer competitive rates to save you money, and utilize state of the art technology to secure your privacy and data.
How do I get started?
Three simple steps: First, complete the patient connect form. Second, upload your file and process payment. Third, look for your results inside 24 hours by return email. You will receive email confirmation after you register. Fast, simple, affordable.
What are the rates?
Fast & Friendly Rates: Only $300 for a standard second opinion for most case types. Add $100 if you need a second opinion comparison. And add $100 if you require an expedited next-day turn-around to get the results back to you overnight.
What if you I want to talk with you about my results?
We welcome it! Pick up the phone and chat directly with our radiologist. Or email us. If you're tech-savvy, let's video conference. Any way you like, we're here to discuss results and together help think through choices.
"Thank you team Metis for seeing in my daughter Sarah what other doctors could not."
- Laura Holsom, Fort Lauderdale, Florida | Intra-articular fracture
Getting started is easy.
Complete 3 simple steps, and receive your diagnostic report from our radiologist within 1 day. Yes, it's that easy.
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